Our Pet Euthanasia Process

Making a decision regarding your pet’s end-of-life can be wrenching and stressful. It is a time that is often filled with grief, regret and uncertainty. Deciding when ‘it’s time’ may be difficult but we need to consider what is in the pet’s best interest.

When it is time to say goodbye to your pet, we will walk you through the process for Pet In – Home Euthanasia.

  • Consultation

    Schedule a 20-30 minute, pre-paid, telemedicine consult with Dr. Speizer to discuss the end-of-life decision and the euthanasia process from start to finish. This consultation establishes the required (by regulation of the New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association) Veterinary – Client – Patient relationship and allows for the scheduling of the home visit for your pet’s euthanasia at a time and place that works best for your family. We will discuss the sedation steps, the euthanasia stages, and aftercare/cremation decisions.

    This initial consultation cost is $105.00 + HST and is pre-paid.

    Fill out our New Patient Form to take the first step to the telemedicine consult.

    Before the In-Home visit we will ask you to complete and sign the Euthanasia Consent Form, select your Aftercare options (Cremation or home burial), special urns or photo case paw print, and then pre-pay for the visit through our website.

    We provide pet euthanasia services to the Greater Fredericton Area (see map). Additional fees apply for service outside the area.

  • Appointment for Pet In-Home Euthanasia

    We will come to your home at the scheduled time, and we usually plan to be there for 30-60 minutes. We will talk you through all the steps and answer your questions. Dr. Speizer will administer the first sedative shortly after arrival to help your pet remain calm and not be anxious. In 5-10 minutes, you will notice that your pet is sleepy.

    Then an injection will be given to ensure your pet is fully anesthetized. Only when your pet has reached this stage will the final euthanasia injection be given. Once they are completely unconscious, we place an absorbent pad beneath them because as they relax, they may pass urine or stool. When you are ready, we will shave a small bit of fur from the leg, and the euthanasia solution is given either in the leg or the side. The euthanasia injection is an intentional overdose of anesthesia. Your pet will have a peaceful, pain-free passing. The euthanasia solution goes to the brain first and stops all feeling and consciousness, then it stops the heart and breathing. Several minutes later (3-15 minutes), Dr. Speizer will listen to the heart to ensure that your pet has peacefully passed on.

    View our in-home pet euthanasia service fee list

  • Aftercare / Cremation

    Following Euthanasia some decisions need to be made for handling the body. KindHearted Pet Euthanasia can help with this process. You may opt for home burial or cremation (communal or private). If you have opted for communal or private cremation, we will give you some time to say your goodbyes, then we will wrap your pet in a blanket and place on a stretcher to be carried to the car for transport. We will then transport your pet for cremation service with Cherished Pets. They will do an impression paw print of your pet’s paw if you wish.

    For Individual (Private) Cremation, Cherished Pets will individually cremate your pet and the ashes WILL be returned. You may choose an urn from their selection. See the Catalogue, or our list of services, for a selection of specialty urns and keepsakes for your pet if you have chosen Individual (Private) Cremation. If you do not want a specialty urn, your pet will be returned in a wrapped box for your home. We can arrange return of the ashes to you or your regular veterinarian’s office in 10 to 18 days.

    View a selection of urns and keepsake pendants supplied by Cherished Pets.

    For Communal / Group Cremation, Cherished Pets will cremate your pet and bury the ashes (cremains) at their cremation facility. You will NOT get the ashes back.

    Alternatively, you may choose to bury your pet on your property (See guidelines on home burial), or another company can handle the cremation / aftercare for you.

    Once you are ready to proceed, book a consultation with Dr. Speizer. Review our pet euthanasia services.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Home burial

The New Brunswick Veterinary Medical Association offers these Home Burial Guidelines for New Brunswick:

Proper home burial of your deceased pet should follow the regulations of your municipality on this matter. If none are available, the following guidelines can apply:
· The remains should be buried outside of flood zones, 75 metres from a watercourse or water body. It should also be at least 150 metres from any drinking water intake, surface or ground. The term ‘watercourse or water body’ includes ponds, marshes, and swamps but excludes any intermittent stream.
· The remains should be buried deep enough that other animals cannot easily dig them up.
· It is recommended that a record be kept of the quantities of remains buried and their location.

Please note KindHearted Pet Euthanasia does not offer routine or emergency veterinary service.  If your pet is in distress prior to our visit or needs to be seen urgently, please contact your Regular Veterinarian or:

Port City Emergency Veterinary Hospital
Parkway Mall
212 McAllister Drive, Unit 130A
Saint John, NB E2J 2S5

Riverview Animal Hospital
550 Pine Glen Road
Riverview, NB E1B 4X2